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How attractive is Chinese traditional culture to foreigners?Just take a look at the Guzheng Collection held by the Guangyue International Community on May 12th.


Since the announcement of the first Guzheng Charity Class and Hanfu Ma‍keup Collection in Guangyue International Community on May 6, the foreign residents who come to consu‍lt and sign up for the activity have never stopped.


Obviously everyone has shown a keen interest in this "Wearing Hanfu and Learning Guzheng" activity, vying to get an exclusive seat in this "Guzheng Gathering" and have a close contact with traditional Chinese culture.


This activity came to noon on May 12th. It was the summer heat, but the melodious music and mixed laughter from the Guangyue International Community Service Center seemed to dissipate the heat in my heart.


Following the sound to the service center,  foreign residents wearing special Hanfu in groups was visiting and experiencing the art interactive area of the service center under the guidance of the staff.


The scene of foreign friends wearing Hanfu interacting with Van Gogh's "Starry night" is also a different cultural collision~


After hearing the staff introduce the meaning of Bubushenghualong, a foreign resident excitedly started to circle and walked back and forth several times;


Take photos with cute Chinese-style Liede dolls in Hanfu:


The dressing room is also very lively.The foreign residents put on their favorite Hanfu, and the styling team carefully matched them with consistent makeup, put on their distinctive hair buns, and wore classic Chinese ornaments such as jade hairpins, white flowers, and walkers.


The foreign residents turned into stunning and picturesque immortals outside the world, happily dancing to the camera. Here, the cultural heritage of Huaxia Hanfu collided with foreign students and created a wonderful spark of cultural exchange.


At three o'clock in the afternoon, the Guzheng Classroom officially started!


Guzheng experts from the Ningxue Guzheng Music Space in Ningxue, dressed in Han clothes, skillfully plucked the strings on the stage and performed the three pieces of "Spring Miao", "Clouds and Water Zen Heart" and "Lushan Spring Dawn". Blessed ears, so nice!"


The opening song "Chun Miao", sometimes graceful and lyrical, sometimes lively, brings students into the full vitality of spring; then the Buddhist music "Clouds and Water Zen Heart" uses mellow tone and the pure tone of an ethereal drum to make people feel as if they are inside. The empty mountain bird whisper. Finally, the teacher and a little girl brought a self-arranged piece "Spring Dawn in Lushan", combining the poems "Spring Dawn" and "Wanglu Mountain Waterfall" with the traditional instrument guzheng.


After the three performances that made the residents memorable, the Guzheng teaching class ushered in. The students sat in front of the Guzheng and learned the basics of the tone and phoneme of the Guzheng.


The trainees earnestly follow the instructions of the Guzheng teacher to learn the guzheng fingering and how to pluck the strings;


The teachers also came to the students one after another and guided them to play the music "Laugh in the Sea".


At the end of the class, when all the students played "A Laugh from the Sea", everyone's face showed a satisfying and hearty smile, as if everyone had returned to the heroic martial arts amidst the sound of guzheng. Jianghu~


Wearing Hanfu, ancient make-up, and playing guzheng, a full-travel experience of traditional Chinese culture of the guzheng event ended in a joyous atmosphere. The students still expressed their feelings and said, "They will definitely continue to sign up for the next class!"


As General Secretary Xi said, the world is the same, the world is one family, and there are differences in languages, but art knows no borders.


Such a Chinese and foreign Guzheng gathering is not only to enrich the spiritual life of foreign residents in the international community, but also to let foreign friends in the community understand Chinese culture, recognize Chinese culture, integrate into Chinese culture, and better integrate into the local life of Guangzhou. Promote the interaction, acceptance and integration of the diverse cultures of Chinese and foreign residents.


This is what an international community service center with a global perspective, Guangzhou characteristics, high-quality, open and inclusive international community service center should look like.



Looking at such a hot scene,

Guess everyone, will it be far next time?